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Long bright glowing banner on a website. Modern NFT style with vivid multi-colored neon beams intersecting with reflections from highly reflective iron material
Modern NFT design with radiant neon streaks and overlapping sparkles

We are united by a single common goal: to create something unique and unparalleled in the real world. We are filled with this energy and power and are ready to create legendary things! Every holder of our NFTs will be immortalized in the history of this project for many years to come. Only through collective efforts can we bring this vision to fruition. We believe in this, and we want you to believe in it too!

I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist.

Modeling a steel cage for an NFT collection. Reflective iron material on a transparent background
Contemporary chic NFT featuring vivid neon beams and crossing shines
  • Exclusive access to the Secret Room

  • Direct communication with the Founders

  • Premium VIP card with bonuses

  • Your avatar will hang on the Wall of Honor

  • Free Weed

  • Physical version of the NFT

what's unique?

Modern stylish NFT with bright neon rays and intersecting glares

It's important to us that the opinions of everyone who joins our movement are taken into consideration. We value unity and support. Together, sooner or later, we'll see this through to the end, and it will be nothing short of legendary!

We are building

Available now

We have the potential to achieve things far beyond what we can even imagine

Vibrant 3D neon NFT showcasing intense glares and rays against a clear backdrop

We're creating a culture thoroughly imbued with powerful energy and insanely vast potential. Our goal is to make this a global-scale news story. The first club built entirely by the NFT community. We're bound to make noise heard around the world and wake up everyone who has been sleeping for too long.

Entirely handcrafted art. We didn't use AI or random generation for creating our NFTs. Each asset in every NFT is carefully selected based on its compatibility with other assets.

In addition to our collective grand endeavor, we want to express immense gratitude to our artists, who have managed to blend the wild club theme of our project with elegantly crafted lines and stunning neon beams.

What are we Doing

Creating a steel framework for an NFT set. Mirror-like iron on a see-through background
Unique limited collection featuring bright neon assets emitting strong beams with steel assets showcasing incredible shiny reflections on a transparent background
Designing a metallic cage for an NFT series. Shiny iron substance on a clear backdrop
Bright neon 3D NFT model emitting strong reflections and beams on a transparent background

Magososhka Night Club

Honestly, I would describe it like No Sober

Magososhka GreenDreams

I hope you don't get too engrossed in these NFTs after getting high ;)

Magososhka Inspired

Stunning photos that inspired us on this legendary journey

Get exclusive privileges right now.

Luminous neon 3D NFT design projecting vibrant reflections and light rays on a transparent canvas
3D NFT with brilliant neon visuals radiating powerful shines and beams on a see-through background

Follow us on social media to stay updated on exciting news related to the development of our metaverses.

In the metaverse, a scene from a limited NFT set displays vivid neon beams of various colors bouncing off shiny metal, casting star-like glints as seen in the nighttime sky
"Metaverse" written in a fluid, bending style with an elegant font on a clear background
A metaverse scene based on a limited NFT collection featuring bright neon multicolored beams reflecting off pure metal, which emits sparkles resembling stars in the night sky

Awesome music and an incredible atmosphere. Get ready for the launch of the loudest nightclub in the metaverse coming soon! Also, keep an eye out for updates on the Magososhka Gallery. After all, a touch of beauty is essential in our lives. See you in the metaverse!

Flexible curving text "metaverse" with a stylish font on a transparent background





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